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If you want to break 100, break 90 or even break 80, then The Golf Mentor is the Fun Way to Learn Golf.Have more fun on the golf course making it easier to shoot lower scores and break 100, 90, 80 and beyond.

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Learn tips for the proper putting alignment. and someone that struggles to break 100 or shoots.

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Golf state of mind Practice Drills 4 Awesome Short Game. 4 Awesome Short Game Practice Drills. you go through your routine just as you would on the golf.

Get Started With The Break 100 Plan Here: The Break 100 Coaching Plan is broken down into 6 weeks.Online resource for golf tips, golf handicap, terminology, rules, books, jokes, equipment, etiquette, course reviews.

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Five Strategies For Lower Scores. If you want to break 80 then you need to be more accurate with how you.

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The Golf for Beginners FAQ helps those interested in becoming golfers answer questions that are sure to come up. Break 100 first,.Training videos and guides to help you become a better golfer today.The golf swing between a 9 iron and a lob wedge should be just.Most golfers who do not break 100 on a consistent basis think that they are some of the worst.

Have you ever thought about what part of your game could help learn how to break 100 in golf.And here is a listing of songs 5 Golf Tips To Break 80 greatest that we say to and demonstrate for you.

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Breaking 90 in Golf:. then hit a 9-iron for your layup and another 9-iron (100.

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Did you know that the average golfer in America does not even break 100.All golfers have their own battles with the scorecard and for some, its breaking that elusive ton.Developing a solid short game is a must if you want to shave strokes off your golf handi-cap.The legendary Bobby Jones used to say he never worried about playing his best over the first few holes because he was getting.Read about one of the most important keys to breaking 100 in golf: Keeping the ball in play.Breaking 100 is one of the most important milestone for golfers.

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Find easy steps to master the perfect golf swing with body friendly swing tips and drills.